Public Sector Perspective on Ghana Health Supply Chain

A team from the Center for Applied Research and Innovation in Supply Chain-Africa (CARISCA) has met with representatives from the Ghana Health Service (GHS) and Ministry of Health (MoH). The purpose of the meeting was to discuss challenges in the Health Supply Chain system especially in the public sector.

Deputy Director, Logistics and Warehousing – GHS, Mr. Bernard Asamany, spoke on the current state of Ghana’s supply chain system from the public sector perspective. He noted that the system supports health facilities and service providers. The primary goal, he added, is to ensure commodity security in order to provide suppliers and consumers with a wide range of affordable and high quality medications and non- medical supplies when needed.  The system, he explained, is broken down into key functions namely; product selection, quantification, procurement, warehousing, transport and quality assurance, etc.

Asamany, mentioned that currently, Ghana has four main interventions namely; the framework contract team which helps to avoid complex procurement processes in acquisition of essential products; Warehousing improvement and optimisation which looks at warehousing improvement as well as the use of technology to control and monitor warehouse structures; 

Last mile distribution which includes emergency deliveries of medical essentials with the use of 3PL, gadgets such as drones with Zipline, etc.  and; End- to-End visibility of the logistics data which would provide scientific data.

Following the presentation, a discussion was held to further understand the whole health supply chain system especially in the public sector. Some team members from CARISCA came out with questions that would enable them identify ways the Centre could improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Health Supply Chain System in Ghana.

CARISCA aims to transform the supply chain in Ghana and Africa  by improving the quality of life for the people of Ghana and Africa.

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