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Ghana’s latest Logistics Managers Index reveals slight economic slowdown from boisterous start in 2023

KUMASI, GHANA (Sept. 25, 2023) – Increasing warehousing and transportation capacity combined with decreasing prices in both metrics are driving an economic slowdown in Ghana. The data are revealed in the Ghana Logistics Managers Index report for the second quarter 2023, which the Center for Applied Research and Innovation in Supply Chain – Africa (CARISCA) released today.

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Experimental Research Designs in Supply Chain

More than 150 students, faculty and staff from KNUST and other higher education institutions in Africa gathered in person or virtually April 3 and 4 to learn about conducting experiments. The occasion was CARISCA’s second faculty workshop of the academic year.

Mahyar Eftekhar, an associate professor of supply chain management at Arizona State University, traveled to Ghana to lead the workshop. He shared examples of lab and field experiments he has conducted and talked about the value and power of experimental research.

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Supply Chain Traceability: Improving Africa’s Agric and Health Sectors

CARISCA’s Supply Chain Action Network engages supply chain stakeholders in Ghana and across Africa to discuss current topics, trends, opportunities and challenges for managing African supply chains. The goal is to create a strong network of policymaking, private sector and civil society organizations to strengthen supply chain research, education and facilitate knowledge transfer.

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CARISCA achieves ‘huge victory’ with journal publication

CARISCA achieved “a huge victory” this spring, in the words of executive director Dale Rogers, with a publication in one of the world’s leading supply chain journals. The Journal of Business Logistics published a paper by a CARISCA research team online May 1. It will be in the June print edition.

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