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In June 2021, KNUST CARISCA team members met with the Provost of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CoHSS – KNUST), Prof Charles Marfo.

During the meeting, Prof Marfo congratulated Prof Nathaniel Boso, Director of CARISCA, and  CARISCA team members on their tremendous contribution towards the College.

“I am so proud to tell others about CARISCA and its growth within its first year”- he said.

Prof Marfo mentioned that CARISCA has played an important role that is an added advantage to the College. “CARISCA has brought dignity to CoHSS and visibility to the University as a whole”. 

He indicated that CARISCA is in line with Prof Rita Akosua Dickson’s vision as Vice-Chancellor of KNUST, to position the University as a competitive global research-intensive institution for advancement in Science and Technology for industrial and social uptake towards sustainable national and global development”

Prof Marfo believed that CARISCA is on the right track and encouraged team members to not only view CARISCA as a mere project but rather view it as a project that would bring out relevant contributions to society. He further urged the Center to serve as a role model for other projects in the college and university. He assured his support to CARISCA team members in all endeavours and was optimistic that CARISCA would be a grand success.




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