CARISCA 2024 SUMMIT                                                                                


CARISCA’s annual Supply Chain Research Summit is central to our goal to strengthen African supply chain capacity and put Africa’s supply chain research on the map.

The conference brings together academic and non-academic researchers and public, private and civil society organizations to create an ongoing dialogue addressing complex supply chain challenges.

The fourth annual Supply Chain Research Summit is set for June 4-6, 2024, in Accra, Ghana. This year’s summit will once again adopt a hybrid model, allowing for both in-person and virtual attendance

The in-person venue is the Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City. Virtual attendees and speakers may participate online via Zoom.

Africa’s Supply Chain Resilience for Economic Transformation

Resilient supply chains are vital for the success of businesses and societies. Given the frequent and costly supply chain disruptions in Africa, increased investment in supply chain resilience on the continent is a pressing need.

Current proposals for addressing these issues are primarily at the macro level and often lack solid grounding in theory-validated frameworks. Furthermore, while studies on the drivers of supply chain resilience are growing rapidly, research specific to African supply chains remains limited.

Addressing these supply chain resilience themes requires a forum such as the 2024 Supply Chain Research Summit. There, supply chain scholars will brainstorm and share ideas on how Africa’s supply chains can be repositioned to drive the continent’s economic transformation agenda.

Our Keynote Speakers


Lydiah Kiburu

“Leveraging Technology and Innovation To Build Resilient Supply Chains in Africa”

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Faith Mashele

"Harmonise Policies, Leverage Heritage: How Can Africa Drive Resilient Supply Chains?"

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Glenn Richey

“Responsiveness, Organizational Learning and AI: The Future of Supply Chain Strategy”

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Testimonials from 2023 Summit participants