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December 2019

CARISCA Concept Note Generated by ASU and KNUST

Following a Call by USAID through the Building Research and Innovation for Development: Generating Evidence and Training (BRIDGE-Train) program, ASU and KNUST came together to develop a concept note to apply for funding. ASU and KNUST based on their existing relationship of over 5 years in Supply Chain, developed a concept note to drive research and its translation into action as well as train professionals in supply chain. The concept note went through several processes to finally get the funding award.

July 2020

CARISCA Funding Awarded by USAID

On July 15, 2020, USAID through a press release officially announced an award of $15 million funding to ASU and KNUST to create CARISCA and implement its mission and vision over the next five years. Click here to view the announcement.

August 2020

CARISCA Implementation Begins

CARISCA is setup and implementation of its activities begins in earnest through the center’s research, industry engagement, training and empowerment of women’s and disadvantaged groups in Supply Chain especially in health and agriculture




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