Invest in skills to advance your career with CARISCA’s professional development workshops

CARISCA’s continuing professional development (CPD) courses give supply chain practitioners and professionals dynamic learning and networking opportunities in Ghana and across Africa. These short courses are for senior professionals who want to learn new skills, network and work together to improve supply chains.  

CARISCA has hosted three CPDs to date on topics ranging from supply chain risk and resilience to supply chain financing, and we are creating new content for a growing audience. In response to feedback from participants, we have made the CPD courses longer, available both in-person and virtually, and limited class sizes to create better opportunities for meaningful group work and networking.

“My vision is to empower supply chain professionals through CPD programs,” says Nathaniel Boso, CARISCA’s director. “I want to enhance professional skills improvement of supply chain practitioners in key productive sectors in Africa through innovative, practical and evidence-based CPD programs that result in better supply chain outcomes.” 

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