The Centre for Applied Research and Innovation in Supply Chain – Africa (CARISCA), a partnership between Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) and Arizona State University with support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), invites eligible candidates from KNUST and other higher education institutions around the world to apply to join PhD thesis supervisory committees at the KNUST School of Business for the purposes of jointly supervising doctoral theses.


CARISCA intends to produce high quality locally-relevant research. As such, in 2020, the Center awarded scholarships to a number of PhD candidates under the Department of Supply Chain and Information Systems in the KNUST School of Business. As a requirement, all graduate students of KNUST must undertake research and thesis associated examinations before completion of their programmes of study. To facilitate the process of improving higher research degrees, CARISCA invites potential internal (within KNUST) and external supervisors to help supervise CARISCA PhD students’ theses. The PhD students’ tasks would entail a deal of responsibilities and quality assurance processes to be carried out by the supervisory committees, in line with the guidelines at the School of Graduate Studies, KNUST.


The PhD Supervisory Committee will consist of a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of five (5) members, with one member (at the rank of a Senior Lecturer and above) serving as the Committee Chair. The Committee will, among others, be expected to:

  1. Hold monthly supervisory meetings to review PhD students’ research work
  2. Write and submit progress reports on the PhD students’ research work at specified times
  3. Ensure that all written work is of a high standard of expression
  4. Provide guidance where appropriate, on:
  5. the nature of the research
  6. the redefinition or reshaping of the research questions
  7. Attend seminars organized for the PhD students
  8. Contribute at seminars to PhD students’ presentations
  9. Provide feedback on students’ thesis drafts, and comment in a timely manner on the content and the drafts of the examinable work prior to submission to KNUST Graduate School
  10. Ensure that student’s research work and the production of all categories of examinable work are the candidate’s own work
  11. Provide general support and encouragement to assigned candidates and protect the interests of the student as well as the University
  12. Support the candidate to submit two (2) papers from the research to recognized academic and/or practitioner journals
  13. Fulfill other obligations imposed by the University regarding theses supervision


Successful applicants must have a Doctor of Philosophy degree and published scholarly works in related topical areas provided below:


  • Institutional implication for green/ sustainable supply chains
  • Supply chain management implications for gender and vulnerable groups
  • Green supply chain innovation and supply chain disruption
  • Big data and predictive analytics capabilities in supply chains
  • Digital transformation and supply chain performance
  • Humanitarian supply chains and humanitarian operational performance
  • Stakeholder integration/engagement and supply chain sustainability
  • Green entrepreneurial orientation, green supply chain orientation and sustainability performance
  • Supply chain finance and performance
  • Supply chain disruption, risk, resilience/viability/ agility/ flexibility and performance
  • Global/international supply chain and performance
  • Supply chain entrepreneurship, innovation and quality of life/new value/ wealth creation
  • Cold chain/storage logistics and transportation
  • Dynamic supply chains and food security
  • Supply chain visibility, robustness and technology
  • Supplier network dynamics and food supply chains

Candidates are to indicate their research interest from the topical areas above in their application cover letter.


Attractive remuneration and research support fund package will be made available to each supervision committee.


All interested candidates are welcome to submit their Curriculum Vitae, and a Cover Letter (2-pages maximum) that clearly indicates the candidates’ research interest and previous experience of supervising doctoral students to a successful completion. A single zip file containing all application materials must be submitted to the CARISCA Centre Administrative Officer, Miss Elsie Konadu Addae at The deadline for submission of all applications is 17.00 GMT, 25th February 2022. Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be invited to an interactive session on a date to be communicated.

For further information, you may contact Professor David Asamoah (Head of Supply Chain and Information Systems Department) at or Professor Nathaniel Boso (Dean of KNUST School of Business and Director of CARISCA Centre) at




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