Policy Brief – How Female Entrepreneurs Can Build Resilient Businesses

In March 2022, the Centre for Applied Research and Innovation in Supply Chain – Africa (CARISCA) sponsored a survey on women-led agricultural businesses in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. The survey aimed to determine the businesses’ resilience to supply chain disruptions.

Key Highlights

  • Businesses led by women are engines of socioeconomic well-being, particularly in developing societies where a significant proportion of women’s income goes to support families.
  • Supply chain disruptions can disproportionally undermine the performance and survival of businesses owned and managed by women.
  • Large-scale data from several agricultural supply chains in Ghana show that businesses led by resilient women are more likely to prosper during supply chain disruptions. 
  • The Ghanaian society should, therefore, embrace and promote cultural values and norms that encourage women’s ability to cope and recover from adversities.
  • It is also essential that access is provided to resilience-building training programs for women entrepreneurs, especially those experiencing greater supply chain disruptions.

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How Female Entrepreneurs Can Build Resilient Businesses

How Female Entrepreneurs Can Build Resilient Businesses




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