Academic Programs

As part of efforts to strengthen the Supply Chain System in Africa, CARISCA, through the KNUST School of Business (KSB) offers a wide range of programmes in Supply Chain to develop relevant evidence-based training opportunities for the benefit of students and supply chain management practitioners in Ghana and beyond.

CARISCA will leverage and enhance KNUST’s existing learning management systems (LMS) to offer fully online, web-based training to supply chain practitioners who do not have the time, financial resources, or geographic access to enroll in on-campus programs.

In addition to our online classroom, we offer you an option to take part in a live classroom setting which takes place on our campus located in Kumasi, Ghana. Here you will be able to use our ultra- modern facilities and computer equipment to facilitate learning.

Undergraduate Programmes

CARISCA offers a range of Undergraduate programmes in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. All undergraduate programmes in the Center last for 4 academic years. Students graduating from the Center will be equipped with adequate knowledge and skill to transform the society.

Below are our available programmes (Click to view details);

Postgraduate Programmes

Our postgraduate programmes have been designed to equip you with adequate knowledge in the supply chain system and equip you with necessary skills needed to further your career in this sector.

Below are our available programmes (Click to view details);




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