Master of Science (MSc.) / Philosophy (M.Phil.) Logistics and Supply Chain Management

MSc./M.Phil Logistics and Supply Chain Management offers professional training opportunities for students and practitioners to develop discuss and apply the fundamental concepts of logistics and supply chain management. The programme combines both theory and practice, enabling students to develop knowledge, skills and competencies in the field and assist them in the management of organisation.

Semester One Courses


  • LSM 575 Strategic Operations Management
  • LSM 573 Strategic Supply Chain Management
  • LSM 577 Strategic Procurement Chain Management
  • LSM 579 Project Management
  • LSM 571 Finance for Supply chain Manager
  • LSM 561 Business Research Methods
Semester Two Courses


  • LSM 554 Logistics Management
  • LSM 588 Supply Chain Risk Management and Sustainability
  • LSM 568 Inventory and Warehouse Management
  • LSM 572 Transportation and Distribution Management
  • LSM 562 Humanitarian Logistics
  • LSM 560 Strategic Management and Policy
Semester Three Courses
  • MIS 651 Applied Project Management Research (10 Credit Hours)




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