Research Activities

CARISCA’s research activities covers several areas. CARISCA is expected to improve the supply chain management research capacity of students and faculty at KNUST and other Higher Educational Institutions (HEI) in Ghana and across Africa. CARISCA carries out baseline evaluations of the research capacity of faculty and students in these HEIs to determine their research needs and prioritize them to help address them. ASU as a seasoned research institution in the United States plays the critical role of providing mentorship in building the research capacity of faculty and students.

CARISCA organizes workshops for faculty and students in HEIs to help improve their research capacity. A key component of the research capacity building process is the inclusion of women and disadvantaged groups within HEIs. This affirmative action is to help women researchers, doctoral students, and disadvantaged groups improve their ability to conduct and produce quality research products.


Research Publication

In supporting research publication output, CARISCA is expected to launch a working paper series in its first year to serve as a developmental channel for research paper submission to peer-reviewed journals. 

CARISCA is expected to launch a supply chain management journal. CARISCA in its first year is expected to pursue collaboration with an established publishing company to do a special issue and launch an Africa-wide supply chain management journal to focus on publishing practical and locally relevant supply chain management solutions.

Key Component

Another key component of CARISCA’s approach to strengthening the research capacity of HEIs is the organization of an annual supply chain summit whose primary target audience is HEIs and the academic community. The summit focuses primarily be on academia, and invites SCM researchers and higher education faculty. However, the summit also involves practitioners, private sector partners, civil society organizations, and entrepreneurs interested in healthcare, agriculture, and other supply chains in Ghana and Africa. Research shared at the summit is recommended to policymakers and government to take action.

Research Assistants

In order to facilitate our research activities, CARISCA has 10 fully equipped research assistants with adequate skills and intensive knowledge in research in order to produce solutions to problems in the other  society especially in health, agricultural and supply chains . 




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