Welcome to CARISCA Innovations Lab

The CARISCA Innovations Lab is a hub that connects brilliance to opportunities through innovation and entrepreneurship. It consists of high-achieving students with unique talents and merits from diverse backgrounds and countries in Africa who have worked together to innovate and turn their innovations into budding products as well as world-class companies.


The CARISCA Innovations LAB exists to harness brilliant, unique and talented students from Africa to breed and hatch innovations beyond borders.


To be the best innovations lab from Africa, that churns out world class innovative ideas, products and companies to solve the most pressing issues in the world.

Projects Supported in the Lab

Student engineered

Industry-led or funded projects

University championed projects

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Locate us at the KNUST School of Business, KNUST-Kumasi, Ghana

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The CARISCA Innovation Lab has innovation as one of its pillars. A hackathon is a tool that can be used to drive sustained innovation and crowdsource solutions to address real-life business problems and social issues. 

Why a hackathon?

Currently, the lab is searching for innovative ideas and projects that are student engineered to help drive the lab into its vision as a hub for supply chain innovation and creativity in Ghana, West Africa, and beyond. Hackathons have some clear advantages over traditional methods of hunting for ideas and talents. They are inclusive, agile, and promote multidisciplinary collaboration. They have shorter innovation cycles and are better suited for addressing fast-changing consumer demands.


CARISCA Hackathon

Get the chance to get your project funded up to $5,000




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Postgraduate Block E
Second Floor

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